Video opens to the west mockingbird logo with the pool in the background. Transitioning to alternate shots of the pool. Around the pool are tables, in-pool loungers, umbrellas, a fire pit, grills, and a pergola. Scenes transition to a woman in the morning making coffee in her kitchen. The Kitchen has granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. She moves from the kitchen to the living area to drink her coffee. The scene moves to a woman is riding a peloton bike in the spin room. The women from the kitchen is seen walking into the fitness area. Fitness equipment and free weights can be seen. The two women are on a treadmill. The women are shown leaving the gym and heading to the rooftop lounge area to relax. The area has seating, plants, and string lights above. The women are shown sitting in chairs near the railing. Transitioning to the pool, the women are show relaxing poolside with drinks. The video cuts to interior shots of the clubhouse area. It has plenty of seating, tables, a fire place, tv, and game lounge. Two men are shown playing games and pool. The two men join the two women outside near the pool toasting with drinks. A women is shown getting ready in her bathroom in scrubs. She goes to the mailroom with Luxer One packaging system to check her mail. She is shown walking to work at a local medical care facility. A man is now shown with a suitcase for travel. He stopbs by the resident snack lounge before heading to the lobby to wait for his ride to Dallas Love Field airport. Starbucks and State Twenty Eight Grill are shown nearby. Scene changes to the group of people sitting and eating gourmet burgers at State Twenty Eight Grill. The group toasts their cocktails before the video fading out to the West Mockingbird logo.